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UK Jane
15.06 2011
Keep Sunday special ! This is the only day when I can meet up with my friends. We usually organise sunday brunches and enjoy chatting. If everyone of us had a different day of rest, then when shall we meet up ????
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Sanna Sandro 02.03 2012
MIUR / Teacher
la domenica senza lavoro ci rende più uguali e più persona.
Benvenga Salvatore 28.02 2012
Yes, I support free Sunday for enjoying family
Mannino Pierluigi 03.02 2012
Consigliere Comunale Lista Civica Patto per Cagliari
Nell'Europa di burocrati e banchieri inizia a soffiare il vento di un nuovo Umanesimo, la voglia di tornare ad una dimensione umana del lavoro porta ad aggregarsi intorno ad idee simili a questa. Non deve esistere solo la corsa al profitto ma è necessario rivalutare, difendere e proteggere i valori fondamentali, il diritto alla famiglia, al tempo libero, alla socializzazione e al riposo. Uniamoci intorno a questo progetto per non renderci complici di chi considera i lavoratori e i cittadini come semplici numeri. Lottiamo per quest'idea perchè in gioco c'è il futuro dell'uomo.
Tigwell Dean 13.12 2011
Hello guys, please support this group:

Taylor Lydia 28.11 2011
graduate student at New York University
What a great campaign! I currently live in the United States where everything is open on Sundays and opening times of 24 hours are not unusual. While this is convenient for people who want to shop, I feel bad for the sales associates who have to work on Sundays or late at night. Life is stressful enough. People need some off time to relax and spend time with their families. I am all for a work free Sunday in Europe and hope your campaign succeeds!


Lydia Taylor
ALBANIA Zana 22.11 2011
Growing up during the regime in the '80s I witnessed my mother celebrating Sundays as a family day by baking yummy treats together. She never did laundry on Sundays, even though she worked full time. I asked her how did she manage to keep us sparkling clean, without having even running water in the house. She answered "It's a question of wanting to do it. Then, getting organized comes natural." So, despite my ambitions, and chaotic children, I try to keep Sundays labor-free, just like my mother did... It's refreshing to see your site; I can relate to it. Thank you :-)!!
nannola orazio 24.10 2011
I agree completely with positions of E.S.A.
Poma Gianni 04.09 2011
La domenica è il principale giorno di riposo in tutti i Paesi ed in tutti i settori che non siano considerati essenziali e le festività parlano della nostra storia, ne trasmettono la memoria alle future generazioni, difendono l’identità culturale, civile e religiosa del Paese.
Io sono contro il fatto di far diventare (con il proliferare di aperture nei giorni festivi) la domenica come un giorno qualsiasi , perché credo che ci siano dei capisaldi della nostra cultura che vanno tutelati: è si necessario fare spazio al nuovo ma bisogna trovare un modo perché questo non avvenga a scapito di importanti valori sociali e per chi crede anche religiosi.
Sono anche buone tradizioni che fanno parte della nostra identità e che credo debbano essere salvaguardate dall'invasione di una mentalità consumistica.
Una comunità vera si difende anche con l'affermazione di principi condivisi.
Nelle domeniche e nelle feste si devono “consumare” soprattutto i beni relazionali tra le persone, prima ancora che acquistare quelli materiali.
Maurenzig Paolo 16.08 2011
I fully agree with your campaign. I think that only essential services should be open on Sunday.
I hope you can reach your purposes
paolo maurenzig
schmidt angelika 13.08 2011
the european sunday alliance is hope. we can go the way together.
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SPAIN: Supermarket employees will be entitled to at least five weekends off a year

20 June 2012

The National Court is Spain gave unions satisfaction. Supermarket employees will be entitled to at least five weekends off a year, regardless of the fact that their workload is divided over 4, 5 or 6 days a week. The National Court gave satisfaction to the CCOO and UGT unions against the sector's employers' organizations, which claimed that this right was reserved to 6 days a week. (Ref. 120408)


ITALY: permanent dialogue between Municipalities and sector union organizations

19 March 2012

ANCI and the three Italian unions CGIL, CISL and UIL have decided to develop a permanent discussion table on the topic of liberalisations of working hours and openings of stores, norm included in the “Salva Italia” act, on which it is necessary to reflect and evaluate also in regard to possible effects and implication.


Freiburg municipality (Germany) against sunday openings

14 February 2012

On the 14th February, 2012, a clear majority of about two-third of the municipal Council in Freiburg voted against any shop opening on Sundays after a passionate debate.

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