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Cecamore Paolo
03.03 2012
Purtroppo nella mia città non sono previste manifestazioni per la giornata europea per le Domeniche libere dal lavoro; esprimo perciò con questa mail la mia adesione e il mio incoraggiamento.
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On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the social encyclical letter Laborem Exercens, the EPP Group, the S&D Group and COMECE invite to a Conference on LABOREM EXERCENS The central place of Human Work for the European Social Market Economy.


unknown"Human work is a key, probably the essential key, to the whole social question, if we try to see that question really from the point of view of man's good. And if the social question (...) must be sought in the direction of "making life more human", then the key, namely human work, acquires fundamental and decisive importance.Laborem exercens


Outcome of the Conference


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