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Taylor Lydia
28.11 2011 - graduate student at New York University
What a great campaign! I currently live in the United States where everything is open on Sundays and opening times of 24 hours are not unusual. While this is convenient for people who want to shop, I feel bad for the sales associates who have to work on Sundays or late at night. Life is stressful...
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GERMANY/ 15 February 2012

15 February 2012 : the national "Time Conference" of the German Sunday alliances was held in Fulda.



On the 15th February 2012, the German Sunday Alliance organised the 4th Time Conference in Fulda/Germany on Sunday protection. It gave all participants the opportunity to exchange and to share recent developments and to plan common activities in order to draw attention to the unique value of a work-free Sunday. Representatives from churches, trade unions and other other civil organisations presented their experiences.

Moreover the legal aspects of Sunday protection were discussed. Recently, successes have been achieved in other cities, e.g. Bochum and Siegen and also in Bavaria.


Alongside the conference, about 150 Sunday protectors placed their deckchairs in the middleunknownof the road in the centre of Fulda. With this 15 minutes lasting “Silence Mob” the actors aimed to raise public attention, protected by the police. In the following demonstration they demanded further action on the political floor on Sunday protection including four main demands:

  1. A law on Sunday protection should be implemented on the national and not on a regional level.
  2. Exceptions for Sunday work should be restricted and controlled.
  3. Shop opening hours “around the clock” should be reduced
  4. The federal government should make a report on the development of Sunday work.

Final Resolution of the Conference


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