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Maurenzig Paolo
16.08 2011 - teacher
I fully agree with your campaign. I think that only essential services should be open on Sunday.
I hope you can reach your purposes
paolo maurenzig
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GERMANY: A website on young people's activites for a Sunday

We, the people, our personalities and our relationships, shall be at the centre of society. However, relationships cannot be sustained without caring for them. The Sunday is dedicated to this, it is the day of promise and recovery for our week”. This statement is part of a declaration in favour of a work-free Sunday, which the young people of Kolpingverband Cologne have recently drawn up to demonstrate their commitment to the European Sunday Alliance. Yet, their declaration is just one part of a creative compilation of song texts, team games, and recommendations for spare-time activities for a Sunday.

FRANCE: chronology of the Fight for the protection of a work-free sunday

Travail du dimanche en France : principales dates des offensives et des résistances

1979 Offensive des magasins d’ameublement dans le nord.

– Les socialistes sont à la manœuvre (Michel Rocard Premier Ministre), des magasins comme Ikea et Virgin Megastore font pression pour ouvrir le dimanche. Le publiciste Jacques Séguéla invente alors le fameux refrain des magasins ouverts d’un côté de l’Avenue des Champs-Elysées, fermés de l’autre.

Janvier 2008
– La commission Attali réunie par le Président Sarkozy préconise en ses décisions 136 et 137 de généraliser le travail le dimanche en France. Depuis 2002, échecs de différents projets de loi.


In the Slovak daily "Katolicke noviny" the member of the Slovak Sunday Alliance Peter Novovesky summarizes the initiatives with the aim to promote the work-free Sunday in Slovakia. He describes the activities of the Independent Christian Trade Unions that used to be striving for the inclusion of the Sunday protection in the Slovak Labor Code at the level of some other EU Countries (Germany, Austria, etc.). He informs the readers about the establishment of the Alliance for Free Sunday, Slovakia, and its effort to adopt the legislation on Sunday protection in 2009. At the same time he points out the creation of the European Sunday Alliance in June 2011 in Brussels and its future activities.


Download the article in Slovak



WORLD: Decent work Story

International Labour Organization

Work is central to people's well-being. In addition to providing income, work can pave the way for broader social and economic advancement, strengthening individuals, their families and communities. Such progress, however, hinges on work that is decent. Decent work sums up the aspirations of people in their working lives.

The ILO has developed an agenda for the community of work. It provides support through integrated Decent Work Country Programmes developed in coordination with its constituents. Putting the Decent Work Agenda into practice is achieved through the implementation of the ILO's four strategic objectives, one of which is:


allow adequate free time and rest, take into account family and social values


FRANCE: Sunday Work of cashiers

"Paroles de Résistance" les caissières d'Albertville

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UNITED KINGDOM: House of Commons stops plans for more shopping hours

13 April 2016

The British House of Commons stopped the governmental plans for even more shopping hours on Sundays in England an Wales. This might partially be due to the work of “Keep Sunday Special”, the British supporter of the European Alliance.




AUSTRIA: New Sunday Alliance formed

24 September 2015

Twenty (20) organisations in the Federal State Salzburg, Austria, have founded a Sunday Alliance as of 17 June 2015.




AUSTRIA: Austrian Constitutional Court confirms shop opening hours

14 June 2012

In its judgement (G 66/11-8) of 14 June 2012 the Austrian Constitutional Court confirmed that the prohibition on shop opening on Sundays and bank holidays is consistent with the Austrian constitution. The overall objectives of shop closing or opening hours are: the protection of the interests of consumers, the aims of the competition regime and the socio-political function. All of these objectives would be in the public interest, says the Court.

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