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Taylor Lydia
28.11 2011 - graduate student at New York University
What a great campaign! I currently live in the United States where everything is open on Sundays and opening times of 24 hours are not unusual. While this is convenient for people who want to shop, I feel bad for the sales associates who have to work on Sundays or late at night. Life is stressful...
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unknownAlgemeen Belgisch Vakverbond - Fédération Générale du Travail de Belgique (Belgium)







ACLVB (Belgium)


unknownACG Acción Católica General (Spain)


unknownAckermann-Gemeinde (Germany)




unknownAlianca za nedel'u - Sunday Alliance Slovakia



unknownAllianz für den freien Sonntag (Austria)

Austrian Sunday Alliance


unknownAllianz für den freien Sonntag (Germany)

German Sunday Alliance


unknownAllianz für den freien Sonntag Südtirol (Italy)



unknownAndante –European Alliance of Catholic Women’s Organisations



unknownAssociation pour la Fondation de Service politique (France)

Foundation for Political Service


unknownAcción Católica Obrera (Spain)



unknownBonifatiuswerk der deutschen Katholiken (Germany)





unknownBundesverband Evangelischer Arbeitnehmerorganisationen e.V. (Germany)




unknownCARE for Europe




unknownCaritas Germany





unknownChristian Democratic Employees' Association (Germany)




unknownCGIL (Italy)



unknownConfédération générale du Travail CGT - Fédération Commerce et services (France)






unknownCHTJ-UGT (Spain)



unknownClub of Large Families (Slovakia)



unknownCNE- Centrale Nationale des Employés (Belgium)



unknownChristelijk Nationaal Vakverbond (The Netherlands)



unknownCollectif des Amis du Dimanche (France)



unknownCFDT-services (France)






unknownConfédération Française des Travailleurs Chrétiens – CFTC (France)

French Confederation of the Christian Workers


unknownConfederació de Comerç de Catalunya




unknownConference of European Churches





unknownConfesercenti della Provincia di Alessandria (Italy)


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